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About Privacy4all Abuse

About Privacy4all Abuse: mail service is a collaboration between the two foundations Stichting Lucifer and Stichting Humanity4all.

We host many domains of small ideological organizations in need of private SSL protected SMTP services with decent spam filtering in an EU data center.

  • Our free services are provided without Service Level Agreement.
  • Our sponsored(paid) services are provided with limited support and a best economical effort SLA

This abuse center is for people getting a bounce error message for e-mail send to a domain hosted by us due to ‘spam’ content or because of being listed on our local blacklist for bad network behavior.

Or in the remote case you are the one having an ‘abuse’ issue with one of our ‘misbehaving’ members.

Next to our own private (domain, ip, content filter) blacklists we also use spamcop/spamhaus for filtering our mail. In case you are complaining about being listed by spamcop or spamhaus. Please take your issue with their staff and not with us because we can not remove you from their list and will ignore your request.

If you think the ‘content’ of your mail should not have be rejected by us please contact us with as much information  as possible (FULL copy of the rejection message) and why you think we should not reject your mail. If you omit any information we will not be able to help you and we will ignore your request.