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Direct Liability Fee

Direct Liability Fee

Direct Liability Fee for lifting a ban after you spammed our network.

Every message/complaint where we have to configure a manual spam filter and report the abuser to their ISP costs us valuable billable time. We will hold spammers directly liable for their disruptive behavior costing us valuable billable time. Even though that services are run by two non-profits foundations,  specialized system administration time and abuse management is still very costly.

Abusers actually steal away valuable resources from the non-profits by their abusive actions

The direct liability fee is 150 EUR per small incident when we have to remove a filter after it has been placed and reported.

one reported spam mail send to our network = one billable hour of work

The direct liability fee for incurred damages can be compensated to us to bank account:

  • 150 IBAN NL97INGB0006342171   BIC: INGBNL2A To: Stichting Lucifer
  • Please mention that the payment is for: Direct liability compensation – your domain name/ip/email address

Or if you want a fast response with credit card:

  • € 150 – paypal
  • If you compensate us for the incurred damages via Paypal be sure to use the email address that you used to correspond with us. If you use another address with Paypal please inform us about it.


We can’t force an abuser to pay the liability fee without a court order first. But we are not legally required to lift any abuse filter at the abusers or even their ISP’s request if we incurred any kind of damages (like lost billable hours). We are allowed to ask for a compensation to settle our incurred damages before removing an abuse filter since this action requires a new manual action which legally constitutes offering a billable service.

The abuser does not have to agree but this will result that the filter will remain in place. We are not going to waste costly system administration time because the ‘abuser’ or their ISP is not willing to accept responsibility for their actions.

In most cases we will lift a total ban on an ISP without too much fuss, however if that same ISP is placed into a filter again for a similar reason we might hold the ISP responsible as well. Since we ask all ISP’s after an incident to double check their users to prevent spam in the future. We operate on a basis of trust that the ISP will do it’s very best in the future, if that proves not to be the case we will be less eager to help the ISP out for free.

Contact us if you have any other questions.