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IP Blacklist Check

IP Blacklist Check‎

This IP Blacklist Check is a limited lookup for IP/domain names/tags that searches for matches in our Hall of Shame publications. Most publications here are of a more permanent kind. If the listed issue has been resolved your ISP can always contact us to have the listing removed.

If the listing has been placed because of illegal behavior like spamming only your ISP is entitled to have your listing removed at no extra costs for them, if they comply with our resolution to prevent further incidents. We will hold the ISP liable for the actions of their clients if they are unwilling to take sufficient actions to prevent spam.

If you as a end user involved in a spam run that got you listed in the first place wants to remove this listing yourself, you will have to pay a direct liability fee of 150 EUR per small incident (one reported spam mail send to our network = one billable hour of work).

This direct liability fee is for the damages that your illegal spamming behavior has caused us. To put it simply your  selfish action just robbed our network administrators of valuable time because now they have to:

  • reply to angry complaints from our own users, due to your actions.
  • put network blocks online, due to your actions.
  • administrate these actions, due to your actions.
  • contact your ISP in order to prevent future abuse, due to your actions.

This is valuable time we rather spend doing something productive instead of cleaning up your mess. Therefore we will hold you liable for your actions under Dutch law.

However we are not angry keyboard ogres in cases of an honest mistake, network blooper or epic fail, one may apply for a ‘get free out of jail card’.

For Dutch entities making these mistakes the 150 EUR fee may also be waived by getting our system administrators the following:

Sushi and Apple Pie (a very old XS4ALL tradition for when one admits an epic fail)

IP Blacklist Check